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gather. grow. go.

Our mission is simiple. We Gather together in Christian love, where everyone is welcomed and invited to share in the ministry of worshipping our Savior. We Grow together by participating in weekly Bible studies across the city of Fresno. Finally, we Go by taking the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a lost world, starting in our local community to international continents abroad. Join us, as we share in the work and great commission of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

A Window To Look Through At NBCBC we’re all about Jesus — and the only way to get to know Jesus is to begin with what He said about Himself. That is why we gather every week to pray to Jesus, sing about Jesus, and to hear teaching from the Bible about how God is accomplishing His plan. Hear Pastor Angulus D. Wilson as he gives you this week's Window to Look Through.

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"A Strategy for Dealing with your Enemy"

Introduction Every child of God will have an enemy that he or she will have to encounter in this fallen world. Learning how to deal with them is the most cru-cial thing a believer can do on this journey.

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"A Savior for the City"

Introduction: Every now and then we run across one of those passages where it is obvious that God is at work. In these types of passages there seems to always be a theme of salvation and obedience for the one who seeks to do Gods will. Today we get to see a City that was under siege from a hostile enemy who was wreaking havoc causing major problems and in total control over God’s people.

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A Savior Worth Serving

A Savior worth Serving Col 1:15-18 Over the Last few weeks we have discovered that our brother Paul has laid out for us a prerequisite for Love and membership in the church. We have observed how he was passionate for them because of their faith in Jesus Christ and their love for the gospel. Paul said that Epaphras had given them the report of the faith that was in the church. Once again let me say how much I like this letter, because in it we discover some amazing facts about Church membership.

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Fri Feb 24

Marriage Enrichment - Commemorating Each Other's Gifts

Marriage Enrichment Night

Fri Mar 24

Fresno City Fest - Prison Ministry

Prison Ministry w/ Fresno City Fest

Wed Mar 29

Fresno City Fest - Women's Luncheon

Women's Luncheon w/ Fresno City Fest

Thu Mar 30

Fresno City Fest - Business Civic Luncheon

Business Civic Luncheon w/ Fresno City Fest


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