Weekly Announcements

Announcements for November 12, 2017

Prayer is the engine that drives the church join us this Wednesday evening at 5:00 PM for corporate prayer.

Today at the conclusion of worship we will have our church ministry leadership meeting ...all leaders are required to attend as we set the course for the implementation of the one church in two locations initiative. 
All ministry directors, please be present.

At 3:00 pm Dr. Wilson is asking for all the Ministry Council to be present at today’s church anniversary for Pastor and Sister Baker of the King Solomon Baptist Church.

Pastor Baker is the son of the ministry of the New Beginnings Church, let us go encourage him in his labor of love.

Next week on November 19, 2017,  join us in Celebrating the nine year anniversary of Pastor Wilson! 
We will begin at 6:00 PM.   Please join us as we celebrate our Pastor and his leadership of New Beginnings Baptist Church. Each family asked to give a $200 gift toward the Pastor's anniversary.

The home going celebration of Sister Morgen Gray will be held on Saturday, September 18 at 10:00 AM @ Jesse Cooley funeral home. The Family repast fellowship will be held on the campus of Fresno Pacific University at 12:00 PM. Gifts, cards and condolences can be offered at the funeral service or the repast fellowship. Thank you for all that you have done for the family. 

We are asking for sanctuary choir to serve in this special service. Music rehearsal will be Thursday & Friday @ 5:00 PM at Fresno Pacific University. 

The congregational hospitality team will be organizing the meal for the family repast, for information on how to serve please see sister Caryn Tong and sister Jackie Billings for instructions thank you.

These have been your announcements please govern yourselves accordingly ....
With love 
Pastor Wilson 

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